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You can arrange a direct Cremation or Direct Burial online without leaving the comfort of your home, just call 855 427 9800 and we can walk you through the arrangements never having to come to the funeral home.ONLINE CREMATION OR DIRECT BURIALWhen at need or pre planning services are needed you can make some services all online without leaving the comfort of your home.Step 1 Call our 800 number to let us know the death has occurred and we will send you all the documents you need to go over and sign through an e mail or fax.Step 2 Fill out all documents and return to us via e mail or fax this will start the process.Step 3 When the doctor signs the death certificate we can then pick up the deceased and transport to our facility to wait for the Medical Examiner to approve the cremation, when the Medical Examiner approves we then can transport the deceased to the crematory for cremation, when the ashes are available you can have them sent to you overnight through the US postal service or you can arrange to pick them up at our facility or even have them hand delivered to you by us. Payment is due at time of services when picking up in person or credit card or even overnight check, your certified copies will be mailed to you when they are available. If you would like to make an Urn selection you can do that when picking up or online. We will walk you through everything you need to do, this is the simplest service for someone who is homebound or cannot come to our facility call us anytime for more information.