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There is nothing more important to us than your health and safety. Please note that we are taking extraordinary measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 during visitations and services.
Recent guidance from the IFDA permits gatherings that do not exceed 10 people. In addition, we recommend:
  • People who demonstrate symptoms should self-isolate (i.e., stay home if sick)
  • Exercising social distancing and limiting contact 

  • Washing hands thoroughly and often

Planning funeral services and commemorating the life of a loved one are important aspects of mourning. We are using technology and best practices in safety and health to provide families with options and assurance. 
Our staff is available by phone, email and in person to discuss options for remote broadcast of services, online memorial pages and guidelines for funeral services that safeguard the health of family, friends and the community as a whole. Still have questions? Contact us. 24 HOURS DAY OR NIGHT AT 855 427 9800

Well its Christmas morning and my thoughts and memories all come floating back, some happy memories and some so sad.
Do you remember when Christmas was the happiest time in your life, when you were a child and the excitement of opening your gifts and being around the ones you truly love which was your true family. Dinners and parties and only happy times.  Now as we are older fast forward to today when the years have past and we are older and wiser, we have lost so many things over the years its shocking. Now Christmas can be the saddest days we can imagine. 
We think about the people we have lost and the changes in our lives and the memories we have come to cherish. I am not saying you can't celebrate and be happy over the holidays but with the changes that have come into your life it can be a sad experience. I am not trying to make anyone feel bad or ruin their holidays but just trying to remind you of your own life and how short it really is. We all have good things that have evolved in our lives from the bad times of the past, New loves, grand kids, new friends and old, people you never thought would be in your life now but were just good friends or even friends you had ups and downs with. These friends mean more now then ever because you both saw the dark side of each other  and now know whats important in life. You can't reinvent yourself and do everything over this late in life but you can come to be at peace with yourself  and the reality of your past. The people in your now life can be anyone you bond with now or in the past. Its not about looks, age or all the things you were attracted to when you were young. Its about the people your around and whats in their hearts and how they treat other people and you and how they came to understand whats important in life now. These are the people that will stand by you till your life comes to an end. As a funeral Director of 50 years I thought I have experienced everything and have seen every thing a human being could do to each other. I am wrong, you never know whats coming around the corner, I always say turn right and something will happen but turn left and something different will happen. I myself have experienced life and thought at one point I knew all their was to know. But now I know your life can change in an instant maybe for good or maybe for bad. Hold on to your memories and don't forget the bad ones which were life lessons. You can always make new memories. Memories will be all we will ever truly have. I would hope for you to look back at the bad and hope for you to make new memories in the last third of your life.  People have no idea how short life really is. it goes by so fast and the people who try and change their lives and reinvent themselves will never be truly happy. So start today and morn your lost love ones with all the good memories of them and try to make some new memories from people who will stand by you and really were around you your whole life but you never thought they would be there for you now. The whole world is changing now with all the political correctness and lame brain opinions from people who think they know it all. The world has gone so racist now its a shame. Now people would say I am a racist but the truth is in my time growing up I had friends from all cultures Chinese, Afro Americans, Greeks, Germans, Etc and we all would make fun of each others culture but not done with hate which is so prevalent today. I can't tell you how many times I was called a Wop or Grease Ball, I called my Chinese friends chinks and my Afro friends Niggers and Irish friends Pig Shit or Turkeys but in those days we did't hate, we did it to be funny and not to degrade anyone or each other. Today this was taken to a different level and its a shame. I will apologize to anyone in my past that I could have offended. It was always done between friends and FYI you can still call me a Wop or Guinea or Grease ball I won't be offended. So remember my three statements on life 1. Everyone lies 2. Everyone has 13 secrets they will never share with anyone. 4. The dead don't care. So now if theirs someone you would like to be around just let them know you care. If your past 60 then what do you want out of the rest of your life. 
Merry Christmas to you all and please don't think I was trying to depress you but in reality life  could be depressing. 

Well, got up this morning and I am writing this post because I watched a movie that really touched my heart. During the holiday season everyone watches Hallmark movies because they want to see things as they used to be but in today’s world with all the changes and you reach an age when you realize how fast life goes by and the ups and downs and twists and turns your life will take start having real meaning. I’ll tell you a little story why this movie meant so much to me. When I was a little boy my father used to take a bunch of my friends and me to a show on Saturday and then take us for a lunch one of the places we went to to eat the waitress was really mean to Us, she probably didn’t feel like waiting on a bunch a little bratty kids. When my father paid the check I noticed he left her an extra large tip so when I got outside I asked my father hey dad why did you leave that lady a large tip she was really mean to us. The answer my father gave I will never forget he said son anyone that miserable needs help she needed an act of kindness. Well if you watch the movie on Netflix WISHMAN you will understand why this movie touched my heart. If you watch any movie this year do not miss this one it’s a true story and I it’s not a movie with famous actors but you need to watch it from start to finish because their are lessons to understand till the end. Its not a blockbuster but I guarantee you your life will change if you have a heart at all. What I take from this movie is not only the twist and turns, But how love can come and go, what it means to love, what it means to hurt someone, and shows you how short life can be and the people that come and go from your life will all eventually realize what life and love is all about before they close their eyes. It will show you what true love is and it will also show you how people can hurt people And their own children for their own selfish gain and not caring how they affected the people who love them. Karma always goes full circle. When you grow older and have been through a lot of heart ache you lose your purpose in life in the end you need to find purpose again hopefully being around the people that you love and love you. I know I sound a little corny today but take a moment and think back of all the different times in your life that have taken place and either be happy or if you destroyed other peoples lives be sad but when you come to the end of your life try and give your life purpose and those you have hurt an act of kindness and love will go along way. Sorry for writing such a long post but I just had to say I have found my new purpose in life and hope others can do that if you’re young and in the new world that’s today Try and keep some of the old values your parents did just remember someone miserable always needs help. Watch the movie a true story and life lessons. Being in the funeral business for over 50 years and seeing life's changes and people reinventing themselves For their own selfish gain and suffering through loss have made me a better man. 
I do love everyone that I surround myself with. Just remember the people you spend most of your life with are your true family whether they realize it or not. Just remember don’t ever kiss a rattlesnake on the lips. Lol 
Posted by Ernie